Herbalvet T.A.®

Disinfection far beyond appearance.



Each 100 ml contains:

Benzalkonium chloride ......... 15 g

Vehicle q.s. ......... 100,00 mL


Herbalvet T.A.® is indicated as a disinfectant (bactericidal, fungicide and virucide) and deodorizing with surfactant biodegradable properties and not corrosive to veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, kennels, catteries, in cleaning and disinfecting the floor, walls, rooms, grooming rooms, service and surgery desks and surgical instruments. The surfactant power of Herbalvet T.A.® breaks the invisible coat of mucopolysaccharides, lipids and protein (Biofilm), that protect the bacterial colony, hindering the action of disinfectants.

Directions and Dosages:

For the proper disinfection, it is recommended to remove the dirt mechanically, followed by washing with water and soap. Afterwards, rinse to remove the soap residues completely and leave to dry. Only after it is clean and dry it is recommended to apply the disinfectant. Herbalvet T.A.® must be diluted in water, at the dose of 1 mL of the product for 500 mL water, which is, 10 mL in 5 liters of water and applied or sprayed on the floor, walls, desks, kennels and catteries.

Last update: 09-26-2019


  • Herbalvet T.A.®
    Flask containing 1 L.