Reimagine Animal Health

It is to challenge the conventional mindset to lead the evolution and the sustainable growth of the animal health ecosystem. It is our purpose and with it we go further, evolving and transforming reality around us. More than ever it is time to care, rethink and strengthen the values and commitments that were always a part of our essence, our business view, our goals. It is important to analyze every detail with a closer and more human look for a better future.

Reimaginando a Saúde Animal

Our pillars

Integrated Innovation

Create integrated solutions and ideas, developing new ways of producing and caring for animals, with less impact, simplicity and more efficiency.

Engage and Collaborate

Thinking and acting more widely in the animal health scope, involving, connecting and working in collaboration with our clients, partners and community in a movement of transformation and evolution of the sector.

Building and Nourishing Relationships

Establish open and transparent ways to inspire, invest, connect, collaborate and do business. Grow together.

Our personality

Agile and Simple

Open and collaborative

Entrepreneurial Attitude

Transparent and Attractive


The steps we have taken together

Ourofino Saúde Animal is comprised of different companies dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of veterinary products in the segments of farm animals and pets. Our headquarters, established in an area of 180 thousand square meters in the city of Cravinhos, State of São Paulo, Brazil, is home to our industrial complex which features among the most modern plants in the sector and complies with rigorous local and international regulations for the manufacture of the portfolio destined to bovine, equine, poultry, swine, dogs and cats.

We are a team of over one thousand collaborators, including the largest commercial team in Brazil to server retailers, cooperatives, distributors, agro industries and agricultural producers. Ourofino was founded on the 1st of June 1987 by the entrepreneurs Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari.

  • 1987

    The first production was aimed at the poultry industry. Our own manufacturing operation was kicked off with the product Trissulfin, in a small structure rented in Ribeirao Preto (SP). We achieved representativeness throughout the years, as has our portfolio. Currently we offer over 100 products for cattle, horses, poultry, swine and pets, marketed in Brazil and in several other countries.

  • 2000

    2000 - From production animals to Pets. Beginning of our operations in the Pet segment.

  • 2004

    The founder Norival Bonamichi receives in Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco, the award Master of Business for Entrepreneur of the Year, from Ernst & Young, which made us the first Brazilian agribusiness company to win the award.

  • 2005

    We moved to the current headquarters in the city of Cravinhos (SP), with a facility designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the national and international markets.

  • 2010

    Elected the most admired of the veterinary drugs sector in a pool performed by Carta Capital magazine.

  • 2011

    We joined the biotechnology market with the manufacture and sale of Ourovac Aftosa vaccine.

  • 2013

    We joined the biotechnology market with the manufacture and sale of Ourovac Aftosa vaccine.

  • 2014

    We made the only IPO (initial public offering) of the year, with excellent results when entering the capital market. We are the first Brazilian veterinary industry in the country's stock exchange.

  • 2015

    We were elected by Animal Pharm the best company of Latin America - category Best Company - Latin & South America - among the veterinary industries of the sector.

  • 2017

    We were elected by Animal Pharm the best company of Latin America - category Best Company - Latin & South America - among the veterinary industries of the sector.

Explore our solutions:

Technical Service

The involvement with the clients happens daily through the close relationship of the technical and commercial teams present all over Brazil serving points of sale, cooperatives, distributors, agroindustries and rural producers, besides many information channels offered.

Information to all audiences

We produce technical and informative content to the various publics with whom we related through our social media profiles, through the pioneer structure of the TV show and through the magazine sent to our clients.

Our TV show is aired since 2010 on Canal do Boi from Monday through Friday, at 11:30, and repeated at 5:05 pm - lasting 15 minutes each. On Sundays, the extra show is 30 minutes long and is aired at 9:30 am. On Fridays, the 11:30 show is also broadcast live through our page on Facebook, with 15 extra minutes on our page. The reports and the program in its entirety can also be seen in

Also check exclusive news and content here here.

Training for the veterinary market


Our action aims at training and professional improvement of the teams of our customers and partners. With Human Resources consultancy, it discusses topics such as interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, communication, resilience, assertiveness with the purpose of managing people to generate results.

Program Knowledge

This is our school for pet professionals. Held in our distributor, the Distribution Ourofino Pet aims to boost business, improve care and ensure qualified professionals to cope with the daily challenges of the job. It covers topics such as cash flow, working capital, merchandising, consultative sales and leadership. Ourofino Pet Distribution was created with the goal of providing industry professionals with improved content and practices, in addition to the delivery of the solutions of the portfolio of the company by its own team. It serves veterinary clinics, pet shops and other sales points of the southern and Western areas and downtown São Paulo.

UatOurofino Program

Customers, partners and students from veterinary and pharmaceutical areas can visit our entire manufacturing structure at our headquarters in Cravinhos. To find out more about this, write to

Clinical Improvement Incentive Program (Piac)

Through donation of medicines to partner institutions, we incentive students and residents of Veterinary Medicine to use products efficiently, improving medical procedures and sending us their reports. The participants describe how the use of the medication contributes for the treatment of the animal. Since 2009, annually the Piac awards students and universities.

Campaigns for the industry

Representing the interest of our partners through campaigns and actions is another way of contributing to the strengthening of animal health in Brazil. The initiatives to value the work of the producers are an example of that, such as our campaign Leite é Bom com Tudo (Milk is good with everything). Launched in 2014, the campaign encourages the national consumption of milk, involving the whole productive chain and marketing of food between cattle breeders, points of sales, cooperatives, supermarkets, dairy industries and consumers. For the pet segment, awareness campaigns about diseases as leishmaniosis are performed annually by the company, with release of information to the general public and technical content through lectures to veterinarians and partners.