CB-30 TA

High performing disinfectant and degreasing.

  • Associates disinfectant and surfactant.
  • Combats bacteria, fungi and spores.
  • With surfactant action on biofilm.
  • Exclusive dosing bottle: avoids waste.
  • High performance: 1 bottle yields up to 6.000 liters.


Each 100 ml contains:

Alkyl Dimethyl chloride

Benzyl Ammonium chloride (100%) .......... 30.0 g

nonyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanol .......... 5.0 g

Vehicle q.s. .......... 100.0 mL

CB-30 TA has as its main ingredient alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride which is a cationic surface agent, with high germicidal action, associated to a powerful surfactant that degreases, enhancing the disinfecting action. When used correctly at the recommended dilutions, it is highly efficient against bacteria, fungi and spores.


The product must be used diluted in water and applied at the following proportions.

General disinfection (uniforms, walls and floors), washing and asepsias of wounds and chilblains: Use CB-30 TA 1:3.000 (10 mL in 30 liters of water).

Spraying and disinfection of poultry beds, aviaries, chambers, hatcheries, trays, general equipment, maternities, nurseries, mechanical milking machines, udders, herdsman hands, vehicle disinfection system, footbath: Use CB-30 TA 1:2.000 (10 mL in 20 liters of water).

Disinfection of boxes and water reservoir: Use CB-30 TA 1:6.000 (10 mL in 60 liters of water).

Spraying poultry in the shed, weekly, using atomizer: Use CB-30 TA 1:200 (10 mL in 2 liters of water).

Notes: CB-30 TA presents broad safety margin at the indicated dose.

Last update: 08-26-2021


  • Dosing flask of 1 liter.