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Butilac is a zootechnical additive that balances the intestinal microbiota, probiotic, which helps to keep the intestinal health of poultry and swine, maintaining intestinal epithelial integrity and improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. It must be used mixed with the food, with indication use for poultry, piglets in nursery, growing pigs and for pregnant and lactating sow.

Basic composition of the product:

Clostridium butyricum (CGMCC - 9386), Bacillus subtilis (CGMCC 9383), Bacillus licheniformis (CGMCC - 9385), Bacillus coagulans (CGMCC 19896).

Modo de usar:

Espécie Fase Inclusão
(g/ton. de ração)
Poultry Toda o ciclo 350 a 500
Piglets Creche 400 a 600

Last update: 11-01-2023