Your choice against ticks and fleas.

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Each 100 ml contains:

Fipronil .......... 12.5 g

Vehicle q.s. .......... 100,00 mL


NEOPet is a topical use product indicated to combat and control infestations caused by Ctenocephalides felis felis (fleas) in cats and dogs and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (ticks) in dogs.


NEOPet must be applied exclusively through the topical route, as recommended below:

Make sure that the quantity to be applied, in the flapper, is compatible with the bodyweight to be treated before the application on the indicated site.

  1. Note if there is no product at flapper outlet, hitting its upper part.
  2. Fold the upper part of the flapper, as indicated.
  3. Keep the animal in a comfortable position to allow application. Move the animal hair with the fingers, until the skin is visible in all of the points where the product will be applied.
  4. Apply the whole content of the flapper directly on the skin, between the area of the neck and the shoulder blades, preventing the product to drip off the animal hair.

The average action period of NEOPet is 30 days. However, the interval between ectoparasiticides application is extremely variable, since it depends on various factors, such as biological issues, related to the parasite (life cycle), level of parasite challenge of the environment where they are located and weather conditions.

The complete control of fleas and ticks depends on the treatment of the affected animal, of the other companion animals present in the same environment and the environment where the animal lives.

The indication of the application interval is, therefore, at the discretion of the veterinarian, upon parasite challenge faced by the animal being treated.

It is recommended to wait 3 days after the application of the product to bathe the treated animals.


NEOPet has five different commercial forms, one for cats and four for dogs. Each of them is indicated for a weight range of the animals being treated, according to tables featured in the leaflet.


  • NEOPet until 10 kg
    1 vial with 0,67 mL.

  • NEOPet until 8 kg
    1 vial with 0,32 mL.

  • NEOPet from 10,1 to 20 kg
    1 vial with 1,34 mL.

  • NEOPet from 20,1 to 40 kg
    1 vial with 2,68 mL.

  • NEOPet above 40 kg
    1 vial with 4,02 mL.